Highway Racer – drive to horizon. This is a game for those who love speed, drive, and adrenaline.
In the game Highway Racer, you have to drive a car along the freeway, maneuvering in the stream of cars and not losing speed.
The higher your driving skills, the higher the reward for the race!

You have to prove yourself in four game modes:

*One-way traffic – all road users are driving in the same direction as you. This is a great opportunity to practice your driving skills in a more relaxed environment.
*Two-way traffic – in this mode, two lanes of cars are moving in your direction and two are moving toward you. To overtake cars, you will need to enter the oncoming lane, for which you will receive an additional reward.
*Race against the clock – you will need to score the maximum number of points in a limited time. To do this, you need to find the perfect balance between speed and your driving skills.
*Speed ​​Bomb – A bomb will be placed on your car that activates at speed and explodes if you drive slowly. Your task is maintaining high speed as long as possible and avoiding collisions with other road users.

Three highway options are available in each game mode:

*Sunny weather
*Rainy weather
*Night mode

You can use the money you earn from racing to buy a new car or improve an existing one!
At the beginning of the game, you will have your first car on which you will begin to hone your skills as a road racer. Another 12 cars you have to open as you progress through the game.
Among them are both classic cars and supercars, jeeps, and even a minivan!

Highway Racer – drive to horizon has many tools available to improve your car.
From changing the look and fitting sporty parts to fine-tuning the camber, vehicle suspension height, spring force, and more.

Of the external improvements, you will have access to the following:

*Car painting – in your favorite color
*Installation of racing sports discs of your choice
*Car decal sticker. You can choose any sticker and its location, front, back, left, or right.
*Installing neon lights on the bottom of the car – will make your vehicle unique and emphasize your style.
*By installing spoilers, there are fifteen options in the game!

Improvements to increase speed and maneuverability:

*Engine Improvements
*Improved handling
*Sports brakes
*Top speed increases
*Nitrous oxide plant

Suspension settings for your driving style:

*Camber setting
*Suspension spring force
*Suspension damper
*suspension height

The front and rear axles are adjustable separately, which allows you to make the settings as flexible as possible.

As you can see in the game Highway Racer, in addition to the actual races on the track, the process of customizing and improving your car will also be quite interesting and exciting!

We wish you a pleasant pastime in the game and remember that failure to follow the rules of the road can lead to tragic consequences.

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